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EVE Online again. And “Hello World”!

Every once in a while EVE comes out of nowhere, grabs me and I move back to New Eden – a good two weeks ago it happened again. And since CCP, the developer behind EVE Online, obviously knows its target audience pretty well (at least in this context) everything was still exactly where I had left it circa 2017 and the re-entry was possible without any problems.

I had left my main character with just under 15 million skill points, my secondary character is lagging a bit with about 5 million skill points.

And what can I say – the EVE virus has once again struck mercilessly. There is still no comparable game on the market – EVE is very unique. And it’s not even the selling point “PVP with hard consequences” that many other fans often use to explain its appeal. For me, it’s actually the complexity of the game that captivates me.

The older I get, the more I realize that I like complex games with story-generator character. My “games for the lonely island” include titles like Factorio, ARMA, RimWorld or Hearts of Iron -all not necessarily the definition of low-threshold accessibility. Likewise, my age has allowed me to watch how extremely graphics have evolved over the last 30 years – absolutely breathtaking. But somehow I have the feeling that the storytelling hasn’t kept up. Whenever I look at “story-driven single player experiences” like God Of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn or Last Of Us, the story rarely grabs me – I’m always left with the feeling that in any other storytelling medium it would have been considered passable at best. In my opinion, a Last Of Us just isn’t a Godfather, unfortunately.

And if the game designer’s story doesn’t grab me, then I’ll just have to write my own stories – and where better to do that than in a galaxy with no rules like EVE’s New Eden.

And obviously EVE always awakens the nerd in me, too – even more than usual. And after I set up a Pathfinder in AWS to aid my return to the wormholes, it was only a short hop to this domain and a new blog. There we are and “hello world!”.

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