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Your virtual space poverty pisses me off….

Unknown Bittervet, probably

Obviously, my timing for the return could not have been better – looking at the Subreddit, I’m not the only one who’ll not be able to make digital ends meet in the future – scarcity in all corners of EVE. I don’t really have an opinion on the whole subject yet. First, I don’t shoot asteroids. Second, I can’t really assess the impact on the “big picture”.

But my poverty is a fact. I am space-poor, with only a few dozen million ISK in my account. This needs to be remedied as soon as possible, with as little effort as possible. In the past I always heard “buy low, sell high” and I was sure that it still works.

The idea is simple – I use my buy orders to buy semi-popular items and sell them to the worthy clientele with updated sell orders every now and then. Pure turbo-capitalism – I don’t produce anything myself, I don’t mine, I don’t transport anything from A to B, I just skim off value. Probably something to do with invisible hands, but what do I know, I’m no magician. So my second character lazily sitting in Jita got 100Mio ISK in seed. I hoped it would be fruitful and multiply.

Since I have no intimate knowledge of markets, nor do I have any historical data, I had to get info somewhere on the items to trade. I remembered from before that it’s smart to limit yourself to loot items – that is, anything not made by players but dropped by NPCs.

This is because the makers compete with each other and over time get closer and closer to the cost of making the item. And, more importantly, they mostly don’t sell to buy orders, but use their own sell orders. This means it’s harder to get inventory with margin in the first place.

So NPC Loot – that’s where you get inventory from players who just want to get rid of their loot quickly and therefore sell “Immediately” to the best buy-order. As a rule of thumb NPC loot is somehow “named” – “Arbalest”, “Corpum”, “Dark Blood” or “Caldari Navy”. But before I sunk more than 5 million ISK of my starting capital into a single item, I naturally researched in more detail where it came from. If not manufacturable – then onto the candidate list.

Second check for canditates is the Margin Finder from ADAM4EVE – a fantastic tool to find those items where the spread between buy and sell is pretty high. The important thing here is the setting for Region – set it to “The Forge” and don’t leave it at the default “Jita” – many buyers don’t buy directly in Jita, but in Perimeter one system over from a player station – if you don’t change the filter, these will obviously not be included in the margin calculation.

Then all I had to do was sort the table by “spread%” and pick out the most interesting trades. At this point, common sense is probably very helpful – if it looks too good to be true, it probably is just that. So better to do more research again than fall for market PvP tricks.

With that said, I had my first set of 20 or so items to trade away with. For convenience I added them to the market quickbar in the game – clicking on the item in the quickbar opens the market details. Then check if there is enough space between the highest buy and the lowest sell for my greed. Second, check how many are traded per day – if the items are in my hangar, I don’t get anything out of it. Inventory is bad, hmkay?!

And what can I say, it still works – after a week my invested capital doubled and I still have 50 million ISK in items in the market. And all this with very little effort – because once the quickbar is filled with candidates, it is “only” updating the orders. I logged in two to three times per day for less than five minutes, depending on my mood, and that was enough…

…is this fun? Not really, but it works quite well. And my old love exploration just isn’t something that works in five minute batches.

PS: No, that’s NOT my wallet up there!^^

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