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Without a Corp, still…

Painful truth: all the people who are in my contact list have not been online for a long time, according to EveWho and zKillboard. The people I’ve been able to reach elsewhere can’t really relate to my enthusiasm for EVE in 2021 and can’t be persuaded to log in again. Stupid thing to play a MMO alone.

So I’m looking for a new corp – but where to find one? The right one? My previous experience has not been particularly varied. First corp was Blue Republic back in the day – Red vs Blue was touted on Reddit back then as THE THING for beginners and indeed it was very fun. No idea how it feels with them today. After that in late 2013 I was briefly on Brave Newbies Inc, also thanks to Reddit’s good libel. So it was only inevitable that I ended up in Dreddit after that. And as funny as the comms were, in retrospect the clichéd “F1-monkeying” is not the best thing ever.

What would I like now? In the meantime I have discovered my love for wormholes, so living there for a while would probably be fun. Maybe have a look at the Spoopy Newbies, the wormhole corp from Brave? On the one hand probably very “ready” infrastructure, a made nest to put my arse in. On the other hand, such bigger corps might be impersonal and hard to connect to. So rather a small, familiar group of around 15 people? But how do you find THOSE – if they are happy with their situation, they won’t have any recruitment posts in the forum. Besides that of course the “new guy in the schoolyard” problem and the fact that I am anything but competent ingame.

In any case, I’ll take my time in the search and first will take a closer look to see if it fits. Being optimistic, it’s just a matter of time…

And I found my old shirt again. Kinda fit better back then.

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