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Ah yes, the user interface of EVE – a curse and a blessing. Blessing because you can customize it exactly the way you want. Curse because the default settings are often not really good, so you SHOULD customize it. I think this flexibility is cool, and I pay attention to the UI setup in every EVE video I watch. But I can just as easily imagine being completely blown away by all the possibilities as a newbie.

One is better off if one has plenty of screen space – like me :-). And yes, this post is really just to brag about my nice display. It really is a nice display. (In fact, the setup works well on 2 displays too – EVE has very robust support for multi-monitor stuff, at least compared to other games).

So here’s my setup – if anyone has any suggestions for improvement or wants to show their own setup, put it down in the comments!

Klick: Half orginial size (2560 x 720)

  1. Local Chat

Always visible on the right side of the screen – its a useless waste of space in wormholes, but helpful everywhere else: I can see at a glance when new people come into the system. Tip: click onto a name in the window and press Ctrl-A once – then everyone in local is highlighted and changes are noticeable even faster. Another tip: the small tool zScan – as soon as I copy one or more names from local with Ctrl-C to the clipboard, the tool shows info like age, cyno probability and zKillboardlink to them. At least a clue to the GTFO-ness of others in the system.

  1. Saved Locations

Press L to display all bookmarks in the system. Indispensable in the wormhole and without the little window I would never remember my Instadock and Undock bookmarks.

  1. Targets

Newly locked targets grow horizontally to the left. And especially in PvE with my beloved Minmatar artillery ships I drag-pull down a partial stack per weapon group. Otherwise, I could never remember which 3 artys got the fire order a few minutes ago. And then I cancel the wrong weapon group and can go grab a new coffee, again.

  1. Overview

No big surprises here – I’m using Barkkors Overview and am happy with it. I could probably pull the window much narrower, but firstly I like to see the transverse speed and secondly 5 & 6 wouldn’t fit so neatly underneath.

  1. DSCAN

The pulse of the ship – and of course the default V key is changed to a mouse side button. If I don’t hear that Ooompph! regularly in the wormhole it feels wrong.

  1. Probe Scanner, Drones, People & Places

Nothing special either – drones are my default. When I don’t need the drones, I scan. And People & Places to create bookmarks with the mouse for when I’m just too lazy to press Ctrl-B.

  1. Pathfinder

Or any other webapp. First, save the webpage in Chrome as a standalone app, this will make the window frame, favorites bar, address bar, and all the other cruft Chrome comes with disappear.

And then define your new app window with TurboTop as “Always on top”. Yes, older software, but still works flawlessly on Windows 11.

Super useful for wormhole mappers, but maybe also FLASH traders might find this helpful for EVE marketer or so. And if I don’t need the app I just slide it off the screen except for a small grabber border.

  1. Capacitor

Again, nothing special here too – I have the scanner ring (what’s it really called?) turned on, but only have sights and stations displayed. Sights I miss even more otherwise and stations are useful in the WH. Anomalies and the other stuff only add additional visual clutter.

  1. Browserwindow

Also “Always on Top”: a simple browser window – for Twitch, YouTube or other websites that make boring 22 jumps to Jita more bearable.

So this is what it looks like for me. Other windows like the Watchlist in Fleet haven’t really found their home yet. This is more of a foundation for all my characters – to sync settings between accounts I used EANM. Small warning: the tool also syncs chats, to which of course not all characters might have access – it only produces an error message ingame, not a disaster. Also, it syncs the market quickbar – THAT hurt a bit.

How did you set up your “cockpit”? Anything I could do differently?

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