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Kidnapper in help chat

The quest for a new corp has come to halt because I’ve resumed another very fulfilling pastime: kidnapping people. More precisely: people from help chat. I focus on those who are completely fresh, but still ask good questions. As soon as the conversation gets rolling, I offer to just talk for an hour in Discord about the EVE-related question marks in their heads. Or suggest to just try out exploration and explode one or two Herons in wormholes. Within the last two weeks I spent a big part of my ingame time with that and hopefully helped a total of five people, if only a little bit. And because this post shouldn’t be JUST bragging, “do good and talk about it”, I want to explain my motivation. And for the sake of completeness:

First, a definition of „EVE newbie“ in this context makes sense. I only mean the people who have “hatched into the egg” within the last two days or so. By that definition, and ONLY by that definition, I myself am no longer a newbie and may be able to give a useful tip or two. By any other definition, I am the one asking questions and doing things for the first time. The important bit is that the one-eyed IS indeed king among the blind and can give useful help.

Second, and I don’t have numbers, but I’d bet big bucks that EVE’s bounce rate within the first few hours is gigantic. The first barrier to entry is tiny – scroll down the Free2Play list on Steam, download, done. The second hurdle, however, is insanely high – first develop enough competence in the pure mechanics of the game to have any fun at all. No one likes to feel like they’re “not even getting the basics” for any length of time – if a game triggers that in me, I’m out of there. Rather than ponder exclusively how the Rorq nerf in the last patch puts newcomers at a disadvantage, I wanted to make the second hurdle smaller for individual new players so that EVE can develop its “stickiness”. I hope that this not only shows people the beauty of New Eden, but creates new content for everyone in six months or so…

Third, “But Biber, the help chat does all that” – unfortunately, it doesn’t. The vast majority of people in the chat are super helpful and willingly donate their time and nerves. But structurally, the chat is a “many to many” communication – the person seeking help has the feeling of talking to a faceless mass or a kind of Google interface. The person helping doesn’t notice much progress, but is annoyed by seeing the same questions day in day out – not seldom questions that should have been answered in the tutorial. Not a pleasant atmosphere to put tons of new knowledge in your brain…

So that’s why I kidnapped people directly from the chat into a 1:1 relationship. One of them started to send me mails in which only the ISK sum is written that he carried out of wormholes that day. Another one borrowed 100Mio today to follow the path of OZ. A third has set out to build himself his first major drone boat and all the modules and drones that go with it. That makes me very happy – because obviously EVE is starting to “stick with them”.

And in the end, I don’t want to forget the frustrating part: Number 4 +5 didn’t log in anymore. I can understand that completely – you have to like EVE and not everyone does. Probably 3 out of 5 is still a better rate than without “mentoring”. And as I said, I had a lot of fun with the other three people.

So if you also have the help chat open a lot, just take a new guy with you from time to time. Without recruiting him, scamming him or making him a mining slave – just answer simple questions and maybe get rid of a few herons…

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Nice job. I’d also recommend going to newbie systems and convo’ing people you see undocking from the station. I did this often when recruiting or starting new projects I needed help with.

Anyway, nice blog and keep it up!

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