…too many video games.

You could think that if you would observe me. I myself just accepted the fact that video games are and will be my biggest hobby.

I’m part of the last generation that can remember life without the internet – born in 1983 I got access to my first computer when I was seven (thanks, Mom!) and since then those things have been my constant companions.

Nowadays I am a father of two young gamers and I can’t get away from the vidya. Besides my PC, there’s a Switch and an XBOX Series as well as the one or other board game and a handful of pen&paper rulebooks in my little apartment in Berlin, Germany.

And the name? Comes from the main character Franz Biberkopf in Döblin’s novel “Berlin Alexanderplatz” – I loved that one in my teens. And since the Internet became accessible back then and you needed a good nickname, the choice was clear. The avatar is a play on the similarity between the german words for the rodent “Biber” and the novels character. Maybe its german humour – but at least I dont need to think about my profile picture anywhere.